Create A Glamorous Look In Your Space With These 5 Modern Chandeliers

Some things are worth splurging on…

Whether you are looking for a chandelier for your dining room or entrance way, these 5 options below will make quite the impression.

Modern chandeliers come in many different styles and finishes. They can be made of made with K9 crystals, raindrop crystals, iron, stainless steel, metal, brushed brass and nickel finishes, with bulbs in glass, smoky glass and cylindrical LEDs. There is going to be one that you love for your space. 

Eternal Chandelier

This chandelier has LED lights in a ring shape. The ring’s height can be adjusted create different looks. 

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Flux Vintage Chandelier

This chandelier blends vintage with a modern twist. You can pick a bronze or chrome finish.

Khloe Pendant

This pendant light is unique. The LED light source is integrated into the frame.

Tiered 5-Light Chandelier

The rings are suspended by chains while the bulbs are affixed to the inner rod.

Beckham Modern 24-Light Chandelier

Vertical lines create a sophisticated modern look. The globe lights create a soft glow throughout the room.

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